Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fashion Trend to Start The Fall Season

Although I'm not fully experiencing fall season here in Indonesia, but the weather here is starting to change. It's sometimes cloudy during the sunny day. So, what to do next? How about alternating your summer look so it can fit to the fall? What should you try this fall, then? I have seen tons of fashion trend report all over the internet. To get you started, I rounded up six fall trends that you may love and start wearing it them for the new season.

Oversize Trench Coats
Couldn’t agree more that trench coats is a classic an everlasting piece when it comes to fall season. But this trend is all about oversize trench. Such a cool outerwear!

Fall Trend #TrenchCoat

Red Dress
It’s official that RED is the color of Fall 2017. Prove me wrong, but I have seen it on the runways of Dolce and Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Jil Sander, Fendi, Givenchy and many more. The shades ranging from rich burgundy to bold red apple color. Embrace the red with your any of your peach colored pieces for a fresh color mix.

Fall Trend #RedDress

Velvet Boots
Velvet is a fall fashion trend I'm seeing it everywhere right now, whether done as flats, sexy heels and boots. Give your leather boots a break and change up to this velvet boots. It’s the quickest way to add a bit of edge to your look.

Fall Trend #VelvetBoots

Long Blazer
Welcoming the blazer trend once again, I'm not bored at all! We are so excited, instead.  This formal piece is back and strongly represents the perfect fall outerwear. What I love about this particular trend is, they are having a plaid print crafted on it. They look the coolest when paired with hem jeans, a graphic loose tee, and ankle boots or mules. Don't you agree?

Fall Trend #LongBlazer

Track Pants
The fashion kingdom is feeling more and more fascinated by sportswear. For instance, they have track pants trend for this fall. They are just perfect combined with white baggy button up and moto jacket. Totally modern! Another tip for wearing track pants, pair them with heels and head off to the office in comfort.

Fall Trend #TrackPants

Waist Belt
Belts have been crawling up for the past few seasons, and this time, the fashion world is all about big waistline belt.  Throw this posh trend on over your dresses, coats, and oversize sweaters. 

Fall Trend #Waist Belt

So those are some of the items that I think will hit the fall stage this season. Let me know what is your down below. I’ve been drooling over those long plaid blazer!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Bedroom Cleaning Routine (+Tips)

Let’s have something great to start off the month of September. I want to encourage you guys to start clean and fresh. You don’t want to feel tired and whacked just because you don’t have a clear surrounding (read: your bedroom), right?

As you guys can read from the title, I’m going to share with you my bedroom cleaning routine in aim to help you guys out when you are overwhelmed and no idea where to start. In most part, cleaning is not everybody’s favorite thing to do. It takes time and ain’t nobody got time for that. But, I spend most of time in my bedroom, sleeping (duh), doing homework, watching drama, doing my hobby, reading, working out, and other crucial stuff (including dancing and singing around). So, it’s really important to keep them clean and clutter-free. Just so you know, in every single book, article and video I watched, you are less motivated when you have your surrounding messy. So keep that in mind and let’s start, shall we?

Disclaimer, this is not a deep-clean cleaning session (maybe I will consider making another post about it soon). This is a quick cleaning routine to make your room cleaner in a glance.

To begin, choose one day out of your week to do this routine. Mine is on Sunday. I always start around 10/11 in the morning.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Books I Love

I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to book. Back to my childhood days, I enjoyed reading comics and short stories. As I grew older, my book contentment is altering from fiction to non-fiction. I strongly believe that my love for non-fiction book will be everlasting. Maybe you are wondering, what sort of non-fiction book are you talking about? I’m going to buy a whole book shelf (I wish I can hahaha…) as long as it is a self-enrichment or best known as self-help book. I will also consider buying memoir/biography/autobiography book, too. Now you get it right. I don’t want to say that I hate novels or any of the similar. Please don’t get me wrong, the fact is I used to be a fan of cliché-romance novel, too. But as for now, they are not really my thing anymore.

These past few months I’ve been buying books like crazy in urge to make sure that I have enough reading material although I don’t really have a much time to read other than weekend. I still got 6 books in queue though, so wish me luck in order to finish them all up. To me, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in a couch on a Sunday morning with a good book and a cup of hot green tea.

So now, I’m beyond excited to share what I’m reading lately. Here’s to a little blog post to tell you about books I love. Hope you enjoy it!